With over 500 exercises in the Classical Pilates repertoire, there is always a new challenge awaiting! 


Pilates Reformer
One on one instruction on apparatus and mat.
You will be given personal and detailed attention. The instructor will evaluate your specific needs; you will then progress according to your abilities. You will be continuously introduced to new exercises, movements and principles. Your teacher will help you to devise a program of exercise and lifestyle changes that will help you to achieve your personal goals as well.


Pilates Class

Two clients with one instructor on apparatus and mat.
Formatting can be customized for each client. Differs from semi-private instruction only in the number of participants. These sessions are ideal for two people who want to exercise together.

Semi-Private / Small Multi-Level Group Instruction 

Pilates Reformer Class
Two to five client classes on apparatus and mat. 

Formatting can be customized for each client. 
You will still receive ample and personalized attention
while you enjoy exercising with others. However, please note that semi-privates are not appropriate for first time clients.

Pilates Tower Class
These classes provide an opportunity for more to learn and enjoy the method. Although, the value of private instruction can not be under estimated and deservedly warrants a higher price, Joseph Pilates never intended his method to be an elite sport. Here at American Classical PIlates Paris we feel the same.
  • Mat: Instruction on the mat. Props such as the magic circles, stability balls, hand weights, weighted bars and balls are utilized at the discretion of the instructor to either assist or challenge.  For client safety and quality instruction, classes are limited to 10 participants. 
  • Tower: Instruction on the Wall Unit Apparatus and Mat. These group classes efficiently integrate apparatus with the mat work at a cost little above a group mat class.  Who said Pilates is only for the “Rich and Famous”? Classes are limited to 5 participants. 
Pilates Tower Class


Classical Pilates  
Other techniques  
Teaches Pilates in its original form, with minor changes that reflect the advancement of scientific understanding of the human body.  Teaches Pilates in a manner that reflects the schools or individual's own interpretation. 
Systematic sequential order of exercises. Exercises order may vary from class to class.
Exercises are linked by transitions to flow one to the other.  Exercises often be taught as separate movements.
Focuses on flow, which develops endurance and stamina. It’s a workout!   Most often, class does not flow.
Teaches Pilates exercises as a movement system linked with a specific purpose. May teach Pilates exercises independently and unrelated.
Teaches exercise with a unique and dynamic rhythm. Exercises are often broken down into parts, and are generally slower.
Classes are taught in small groups or one to one. Class sizes can be very large.
Suitable for everyone from the de-conditioned to the athlete. May not challenge those with higher fitness levels.
Sessions are systematic and progressive. Lacks specific order.
Teachers must already be students of the classical method or undertake training in the classical method prior to commencing a training program.  Teachers may never have had any Pilates experience prior to teaching. 
Not all Personal Training Certifications require the training hours, education and knowledge of the human movement system that Tess has completed.



Simply going through the motions and just learning exercises will not achieve desired results. Qualified instruction must accompany any serious endeavor with Pilates. A American Classical Pilates Paris client, wether experiencing a private, semi-private, or small group class is continuously guided by Tess with expert training.  Proficiency in instruction requires not only knowledge of the Method, but, effective teaching and, interpersonal skills.  Tess has completed extensive comprehensive training. In addition, quality instruction demands not only instructor expertise, but, a small teacher/student ratio. Here at American Classical Pilates Paris group classes are kept small to ensure quality.                                                                                

The Importance of Apparatus Training:  

Joseph Pilates intended for his apparatus to be an integral part of his Method of Physical and Mental Conditioning. Training on classical Pilates apparatus enhances ones technique, heightens body awareness, builds strength and increases flexibility more readily than mat exercises alone. When performing mat exercises resistance is created by gravity and body weight. Pilates apparatus training provides additional resistance through springs and framing (support) for the body. In addition, as one progresses, apparatus training can now provide a means of further challenge by allowing the exercises to be performed in different planes of movement.

One cannot fully experience or achieve maximum benefit from classical Pilates without the combination of both mat and apparatus training.

Pilates apparatus differs from traditional weight machines. As with the Pilates Mat, training on apparatus requires instruction for maximum results. Tess guides the client with specific language and cues. Proper instruction ensures effective muscle engagement and helps minimize the activation of over used compensatory muscles. Precision is key. And flowing movements the ideal! It’s all in the details! Let American Classical Pilates Paris help you “Return to Life” (Joseph Pilates’ first book).

In ten sessions you'll feel a difference, in twenty you'll see a difference and in thirty you'll have a whole new body". Joseph Pilates